Wednesday, 19 October 2011

B71 #102: Lunch on Nov 16, 2011

(Attendance list updated 6 November 2011)

from Chiu Ying Lam
to Man Wan So

date 29 September 2011

subject BSc 1971 lunch, Wed 16 November

Dear BSc 1971 classmates,

In 1971 we graduated from HKU. By this time of the year in that year, some of us started working, some continuted studying in HK or overseas, some emigrated and got married, some changed course and started anew in another academic field, and some pursued their dreams in their own ways.

It has been forty years since. Maybe it is time to reflect as we move into another phase of our life.

Those are grand words. Let us commemorate the 40th anniversary of graduation in a more down to earth manner.

I propose a long lunch on Wednesday 16 November. Ho Sui Ki has kindly offered to organize the lunch at the Craigengower Cricket Club 紀利華木球會(at the junction of Leighton Road 禮頓道 and Wong Nei Chong Road 黃泥涌道).

Those who have retired are invited to come early at 12 noon. Those who are still working may come later and leave earlier. I imagine that we could hold onto the table(s) beyond 2 p.m.

I understand that Grace & William Ho (from Scotland) and Grace Leung (from Australia) will be back in Hong Kong then. The lunch promises to be an interesting time.

Spouses and children are welcome.

As usual the cost of the meal will be shared out among the attendees.

Those who intend to join the lunch please notify Man Wan at . You may simply press "reply to all".

Chiu Ying


Participants as at 6 November:

* Lam Chiu Ying & So Man Wan
* Grace & Billy Tao
* Grace & William Ho
* Peter Chung
* Edward Sin
* Daniel Ho
* Lam Hung Biu
* Leung Wing Hong
* Choi Ho Pang (x2)
* Wu Dick Kin
* Leung Sze Chung
* Clara Fung
* David Yam
* Lo Mun Ling
* Cheung Foon Hung (x2)
* Leung Wing Kwong
* Yau Man Tak

Monday, 8 August 2011

B71 #100: Dinner on August 19, 2011

Dear classmates,

With the kind help of Lilian, we shall be organizing a summer dinner at Shing Hin, 9/F, Amenities Building, City University on Friday 19 August.

As usual, we'll share out the cost of the dinner. Spouses and children are welcome.

Leung Sze Chung has kindly agreed to give a talk on his forensic work before the dinner. Those who came to the last dinner would remember the marvellous talk on Peter Ma on jade, which opened our eyes to the exciting world of gems. Sze Chung's talk promises to be another eye-opener. You will get a glimpse into how science is made to work to detect fake wills, for example, so as to bring justice to bear on the fraudulent.

The proposed programme is:

- 6:15 p.m. arrival and chat
- 6:45 p.m. talk + Q&A
- 7:30 p.m. dinner

Those who are interested in joining the dinner please kindly reply to Man Wan and me using the "reply to all" button.

Chiu Ying

Original posted by Lam Chiu Ying

Friday, 18 March 2011

B71 #98: Celebrating 40th anniversary since graduation

* Lam Chiu Ying
* Edward Sin
* Philip Chow
* Anthony Wu
* Raymond Choi

* David Yam
* Wong Hin Hing
* Lilian Vrijmoed
* Gilbert Wong
* David Yau
* Kevin Ko
* Cheung Foon Hung
* So Man Wan


from Chiu Ying Lam
date 30 March 2011 22:47
subject HKU 1971 - 40th anniversary dinner

Dear BSc 1971 classmates,

The University alumni office has confirmed that the dinner will take place at Loke Yew Hall on 28 June. The cost is $1,800 per person.

It is somewhat expensive, but it is a once-in-10-year event. Also the occasion will be leveraged to secure donations from outsiders to support the installation of 40 pieces of artwork in the new centenary campus. This will add an artistic touch to HKU, helping prevent it from becoming a place with only a focus on money and money and money.

I have booked and paid for two tables to accomodate science alumni.

Could those attending please kindly confirm your attendance with me? You may pay me on the day or send a cheque to me at "5H, Tower 6, Laguna Verde, Hunghom, Kowloon".

The organizer is asking me to offer a short 3-5 minute entertainment programme. Several faculties will do singing by a small group. A band organised by Chan Nam Luk will provide accompaniment.

I vaguely remember that Chow Yiu Wah was a singer. Could you help with the singing, or organising the singing effort?

Chiu Ying

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Chiu Ying Lam
Date: 21 February 2011 18:10
Subject: 40th anniversary - HKU 1971 & BSc 197

Dear BSc 1971 classmates,

2011 is the 40th anniversary of our graduation.

HKU will organize a dinner to celebrate this event. The date is 28 June. Details are yet to be worked out. Please mark your calendar.

It is an all-faculty dinner at Loke Yew Hall, mostly a fun event. There will be no raffle tickets nor auctions nor any other fund-raising thing at the dinner per se. A couple of enthusiastic alumni will however use the dinner as an excuse to bring donations to HKU.

Regarding the celebration by the BSc class itself, the responses to my previous mail on the subject generally point towards November, and the preference for the excursion out of Hong Kong is Taiwan. I shall work on the ideas further.

Chiu Ying